Joe Malaspino FMA, RPA

Director of Engineering and Facilities Management

Joe is a building engineer and facilities executive with a demonstrated track record overseeing the maintenance, repair, and improvement of high-value property portfolios and real estate assets.  With an expert-level understanding of modern building construction and control systems, combined with his exceptional strengths in client relations, project management, real estate due diligence, and engineering team leadership, Joe brings the utmost experience and professionalism to the FPI team.  His background includes leading property management/engineering functions for large real estate firms as well as supporting top private corporations.

Areas of Expertise

  • Facilities Engineering
  • Property & Portfolio Management
  • Team Hiring, Training & Leadership
  • Building Maintenance & Repair
  • CMMS System Selection & Implementation
  • Building Controls & Security
  • Construction Management
  • Green Building / LEED Practices
  • Retrofits & Remodeling Projects
  • Energy Conservation Systems
  • Architect & General Contractor Collaboration
  • As-Built Drawing Review
  • HVAC & Fire Prevention Systems
  • Asset Management & Due Diligence
  • Property Redevelopment Projects


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